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Authors of project Ecosystem Easy Access are convinced that each inhabitant of the Earth on birth has inalienable laws to financial and economic freedom, to access to technologies, to information and services, on business independence and prosperity, despite of place of birth, color of skin, religious and political convictions.

Ecosystem Easy Access it is intended for maintenance of birth rights of people in any point of globe.

Company Solid Space LP is service division of Ecosystem Easy Access. The firm is engaged in development of the mobile appendix and gadget for smartphones and computers, and also launching and operation of satellite grouping of Ecosystem Easy Access.
News of project Ecosystem Easy Access
News from 19.04.2019.
In Moscow 19.04.2019 in Hall Digital October has passed Waves Community Meetup to honor 3-th anniversary of company Waves Platform in which the founder of project Ecosystem Easy Access Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has taken part.
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News from 23.12.2018.
20.12.2018 in Digital October Hall has passed Waves Community Annual Meetup in which Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has taken part. At support of Fund of Princes in Moscow 22.12.2018 next XXXVII International conference on problems of the Civilization in RosNOU, Moscow has taken place. At conference with the report Ecosystem Easy Access Pr. Dr. Valeriy Kubarev has acted.
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News from 04.12.2018.
Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich and Holy Russia have started the project on formation of world digital economy – Ecosystem Easy Access. Within the framework of the project Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has based crypto-bank and the service company in Ireland. Emission of crypto currencies Solid equivalent to Euro will be soon made. The size of emission will be One Trillion Solids only.
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News from 03.12.2018.
On November 28, 2018 in Dublin, Ireland companies R&NCB LP (Reg. 2572) and Solid Space LP (Reg. 2573), legal Office 29 address, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street Lower, Dublin 2, D02 XT91, Republic of Ireland have been registered. Founders of the companies appointed CEO Pr. Dr. Valeriy Kubarev.
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1. Introduction
By the present moment in the world in the reference thousand crypto currencies from which the most popular and some emitters became capital–intensive all are started. The greatest capitalization was received with projects Bitcoin and Ethereum. However all eminent crypto currencies are subject volatility and are vulnerable in the legal plan.

Monthly in the world hundreds new crypto the currencies created by initiative groups of adherents and founders of fresh projects are born. All existing crypto currencies possess legal defect – emitters do not have right on forging of coins or Jus coin regalia. From the point of view of the international laws, the uncertain group of physical or legal persons cannot mint money either their analogues or substitutes, as measure of cost and means of an exchange of the goods and services.

However circulation of crypto currencies is already approved by IMF. On October 2, 2017 the Chapter of IMF Madam Christine Lagarde has recognized crypto currencies as means of payments and accumulation [1].

Crypto currency and the digital economy have no immunity before authoritative and post communistic modes, and also depend on friendly embraces of Uncle Sam. Citizens of some states can be discharged of involving in crypto economy on authoritative intention of authorities or local providers of the Internet.

Crypto currencies and digital economy are capable to fail suddenly because of political will of subjects of international law, introduction of sanctions, in case of occurrence of war or global cataclysm. All these factors limit circulation crypto currencies after rise of 2017 and lead to continuous decrease in capitalization of these.

Offered project Ecosystem Easy Access is solves problems:

1. Legality Jus coin regalia;
2. Creation of universal equivalent among crypto currencies;
3. Interaction crypto currencies with fiat money;
4. Vulnerability of virtual economy before hostile political and natural factors;
5. Warranting of the economic and civil rights and freedom of inhabitants of the Earth.
2. Abstract
Authors of the project are convinced that each inhabitant of the Earth on birth has inalienable laws to financial and economic freedom, to access to technologies, to information and services, on business independence and prosperity, despite of place of birth, color of skin, religious and political convictions.

We stand up for that these birth rights were provided in any point of globe, without dependence from citizenship and places of payment of taxes which are redistributed by authorities of the states without taking into account all needs and inquiries of citizens and go mostly in pockets of officials and employees of the power structures limiting these rights.

Offered project Ecosystem Easy Access has more social character, than economic or financial. Thus the project provides to founders, partners and investors the long–term and stable financial well–being based on confidential cooperation and interaction venture and bank institutes, IT–technologies and transparent decisions of block chain.

Ecosystem Easy Access is forms of new technological and economic reality in interests of global safety, cooperation and prosperity.

The essence of offers on construction of Ecosystem Easy Access consists in creation of the Central Bank of the virtual state which is not having territories and the population, but formed by means of realization of imperishable, non–material privileges and the rights of the representative of former ruling Dynasty, and nowadays the Head of the Royal House.

The legitimate right for stamping of coins Jus coin regalia implementing the representative of this Dynasty through forging new token within the framework of technologies of block chain on the basis of existing platforms the VOSTOK or Ethereum.

Further voluntary decentralization of structure of the Central Bank through redistribution of the let out coins between the chosen Reserve Banks and formation of global Independent Reserve System (IRS) is carried out on the basis of algorithms of consensus Leased Proof of Stake.

Simultaneously there is an output on the market of the service company taking on burden of maintenance of versatile services the Ecosystem Easy Access, including global banking and communication, and also the certifying center for identification of users of services – physical and legal persons.

Feature the Ecosystem Easy Access is creation of an orbital grouping of satellites in GEO or some geosynchronous orbit or close to them for data storage, accommodation crypto servers, global access Wi Fi to the Internet and telephony, and also satellite banking and connections to segment of entertainments and leisure.

Simultaneously in several legally comfortable regions of planet ground stations of tracking and management the satellites of Ecosystem, orbital elements interfacing an independent network with the ground Internet are under construction and started in work.

Authors of the project are sure, that within three years users Ecosystem Easy Access become more than 200 million persons in different corners of planets.
3. Background
As motivations to creation of project Ecosystem Easy Access the following circumstances have served.

First, presence of huge estrangement of the population of planet from the financial – oligarchical groups usurping economic and financial flow, and also means the multimedia, forming material needs of the population. A key element of manipulation consciousness and an economic situation of peoples and the countries became dollar and centralization of financial payments and transactions through well controllable neck of Federal Reserve System of the USA, the IMF and other institutes of monetary policy of groups of anonymous authority.

Second, occurrence last year steady and effective crypto currency decentralized structures without the uniform issue center. The program codes started simultaneously on huge quantity of computers which according to preset algorithm process payments and generate new coins, verify and certify transactions at full transparency and availability to users. Negative aspect of this system is absence of any control over issue and revolution of virtual coins, and also anonymity of conducting transactions and possession of actives. De facto anonymity of possession and using crypto currency became the reserve which is not adequate to primary idea.

Thirdly, has start too much crypto currencies which founders suggest to use them for payment only, for example, medical services, various games or services, etc. In the past as payment means cockleshells or marten skins, and now – fruits of brain game acted. Besides protection are purses crypto currencies in view of extreme refinement and anonymity on regular basis leads to loss of assets for the significant sums. There are unpleasant situations of impossibility of return of actives at breaking the data or erroneous payment. Losses and losses can arise also owing to breakage of the computer equipment, confiscation of it by official power structures, and also acts of nature and cataclysms.

Fourthly, development of computer and space technologies, communication facility and the Internet, have led to financial availability of the organization of these services by the private companies. Businessmen, innovators and enthusiasts have conceived and began to carry out global projects on creation of satellite systems free–of–charge Wi Fi (Mr. Greg Wyler's company OneWeb [2]) or to flights of tourists into an orbit of the Earth and the Moon, and also development of Mars with the help of rocket and space technics (company SpaceX of Mr. Elon Musk [3]).

Fifthly, new technologies and network structures radically change shape of needs of society in the state institutes, economic and property attitudes. Today it is the extremely difficult to predict, what the world and the states in 10–20 years becomes. Now traditional state institutes test check for durability, trying power measures to limit development of technologies, technics and flight of human idea. In the planetary agenda construction of the states more effective and competitive, than existing anachronisms was designated.
4. Project specific section
Authors of the project are convinced that all inhabitants of the Earth have inalienable laws to freedom, prosperity and access to new technologies. Ecosystem Easy Access it is intended for maintenance of these birth rights of people in any point of globe.
4.1. Technical features of ecosystem
Ecosystem Easy Access on the basis of platform VOSTOK [4] carries out effective application of various services. Technologically and economically she is intended for wide circulation in society worldwide in real sector of economy and the government, including the project Holy Russia [5]. The list of services of platform VOSTOK:


Financial sector
Payments and translations of tokens
Purchase of tokens and participation in ICO
Release of tokens and carrying out ICO
Investment activity
Exchange activity
Escrow services


The account of logistical operations and chains of deliveries of production

Corporative services
Procedures KYC
The certificate of transactions and documents
Operations with the intellectual property
Document circulation

Transactions of digital active and translations of tokens
Purchase of tokens and participation in ICO
The certificate of transactions and documents


State purchases, tenders

Document circulation with state bodies
The cadastral account

Technical features of ecosystem: Algorithm of consensus Leased Proof of Stake, peer–to–peer the register of transactions, miners is only authorized Nodes, strong cryptography enciphering, use authorized Digital Signature (DS), speed is 6000 transactions in second, an opportunity of integration of foreign services, use off–chain for increase in throughput of system.
4.2. Block diagram of Ecosystem
4.3. Node 2 of Ecosystem
Component of Ecosystem Easy Access the orbital grouping of satellites for maintenance of data storage, accommodation crypto servers, mining – farms, global access Wi Fi, global telephony, satellite banking and segment of entertainments and leisure becomes. Ground part of Node 2 Ecosystem will include some observation stations of tracking and management of grouping of satellites in the orbits close to GEO, consisting of 16 devices will be started. Each of satellites becomes Nodes space architecture of hypercube Node 2, reserve of ground root unit of tree R&NCB and part of Independent Reserve System (IRS).

Important element Node 2 will be the Certifying Center identifying users Ecosystem, and also bank clients, both physical persons, and legal persons. The certifying center will start to be engaged in gathering, protection and storage of the personal data, and also will create the DNA–CENTER of clients. With the help of digital certificate DNA it will be possible to provide access to purses, safety of actives of clients, restoration of these in case of loss, and also to guarantee reflexivity of credits. The partner in carrying out of DNA testing and to manufacturing of certificates Y–DNA (male) and mtDNA (female) clients can become company Family Tree DNA (USA) [7].
The configuration of the equipment and weight of components of each block of step of satellite – server at modern condition of technics and technologies will be approximately following:

Weight of the satellite on GEO general – 11 tons, cost of the satellite of 100 million euro.
Weight of space tug the Frigate – 13.34 tons.
Weight of the cowling of top step, the satellite and block Frigate – 25 tons.
The launch vehicle – Falcon Heavy, cost of start of 90–130 million Euro.
Capacity solar power of Solar Panel (SP) – 1 MW.
Area of SP – 3500 m².
Diameter of the power unit after expansion of SP panels – 67 m.
Square variant of the power unit – 60 by 60 m.
Weight of SP – 5.1 tons.
Weight of system of SP expansion – 0.9 tons.
Weight of SP plus system of expansion – 6 tons.
Weight of thermoregulation system plus the block of accumulators on 195 A–h–h – 0.6 tons.
Weight of system of orientation, fuel and impellent installation – 0.4 tons.
Weight of the case, server, aerials and the equipment – 4 tons.
Working range of frequencies of communication facility – Ku.
Height of GEO orbit – 36,000 km.
Variant of working orbit GEO plus SSO (sun–synchronous orbit) – 36,000 km.
Variants of an intermediate orbit – 35,000–37,000 km.
Corner of an inclination of an orbit – 0–20º to plane of equator.
Quantity of satellites – 16 pieces.
Satellites work as pairs on one longitude of accommodation.
Satellites can actively change parameters of an orbit.
Service life – 15 years.
Total cost of the project – 3.6 Billion Euro.

Appearance of the satellite will be defined by his equipment and functional.
4.4. Node 4 of Ecosystem
As claimed service we offer accommodation and service in the terrestrial orbit close to GEO, groupings of satellites on mining the most successful and advanced crypto currencies, for example the Bitcoin.

Localization of servers in space provides safety of operation of mining farms (impossibility of power or political intervention in activity of farms) and constant presence of solar energy.

Needs of mining farms for the electric power exceed inquiries of servers Ecosystem Easy Access, therefore it is required to collect in an orbit of mining farm from several blocks, for example – five power units of SP and the server block with transceiver the equipment and aerials. Each of blocks can have weight of 11 tons and be started into high orbit by carriers Falcon Heavy and the Space tug the Frigate. In result one farm will have lump of 66 tons and electric capacity 10 MW (5 blocks on 2 MW), therefore for assembly are required 6 launches. Cost of deducing into an orbit of one mining–farm will come nearer to 500–600 million Euro. The total cost of farm will make 0.8–1.0 Billion Euro.

Space mining–farms will develop the electric power, to carry out calculations, receiving the next problem from the Earth, and dumping results back.

Use of space solar power stations as mining farms excludes a problem of transfer of energy to the Earth. In our case to the Earth results of computer calculations that give guarantee of ecological cleanliness at use known crypto currency in economy are sent only.

Appearance of space mining farm can be such below.
4.5. The commercial importance of Ecosystem
Ecosystem Easy Access has the purpose formation of new global digital economy and involving in it of hundreds millions private and commercial users.

The trigger of start of the project is the commercial success of service company Solid Space LP. To the company will be granted significant means is 9.0 Billion Solid, which will be exchange on fiat currencies for the payment of expenses, purchases of the equipment and rocket technics. Obtained fiat currencies become also turnaround means Ecosystem Easy Access.

In due course in monetary revolution all coin tokens of issue which quantity is enough for maintenance of needs of economic will get.

Capitalization of Ecosystem Easy Access will grow during realization of the program of start of satellites and receipt Solids in revolution crypto and fiat currencies. Investments in company Solid Space LP will bring growth of cost of actions in tens, probably, in hundreds times. Within two years partial privatization of bank R&NCB that will cause growth of quotations of the company and bank will be lead, and also will increase exchange rate of 1 Solid.
4.6. Use Cases and Roles
Connection to Ecosystem Easy Access for users will be carried out with the help of the appendix in smartphone or computer by means of access to the Internet through usual communication facility or own independent global Wi Fi.

Completely authorized users will get free–of–charge access to all services. Anonymous users will get the limited and paid access to Ecosystem.

For improvement of quality of communication smartphone with satellites of Solid Space in high breadths it will be necessary to use special casings or nozzles with the additional aerial and the battery on type gadget THURAYA [6]. It is required to organize release gadgets of Solid Space of Ecosystem Easy Access for the basic type smartphones – iPhone, Samsung and others. Features of widget Solid Space are reflected below.

1. Easy Access
1.1. Global Wi Fi
1.2. Global Telephony
1.3. Global Banking

2. Crypto Trading Platform
2.1. Mobile Widget
2.2. Manage Wallet
2.3. Quick Crypto Trading

3. NFC Payment
3.1. Exchange to Cash
3.2. Global Transaction
3.3. Pay with Mobile

The important advantage of gadget Solid Space Ecosystem Easy Access the unique opportunity to receive service without installation in smartphone telephone card SIM that will provide to clients additional safety and secrecy becomes.

For the first time in world Solid Space Ecosystem Easy Access will give credit service for users – widget the Credit Wallet.

The role of users in Ecosystem Easy Access is many sided. They not only can get and receive various services, but also participate on incorporated and reception of part of incomes of bank R&NCB LP and company Solid Space LP.

At stage of start of the project users will represent itself as investors of crypto–bank R&NCB by means of purchase of Solids and deposition of means on the account with reception of favorable annual percent. With payment under coupons 7% annual become accessible to larger investors to purchase of three, five or ten years crypto bonds of R&NCB.
5. Technical specification
Technologies of block chain have perfectly recommended themselves on the basis of platform Waves for private users, improved platform VOSTOK for corporate users therefore has been developed.

Ecosystem Easy Access it will be placed on platform VOSTOK, therefore will receive all opportunities of existing software product: algorithm of consensus Leased Proof of Stake, peer–to–peer the register of transactions, miners is only authorized Nodes, strong cryptography enciphering, use authorized Digital Signature (DS), speed is 6000 transactions in second, an opportunity of integration of foreign services, use off–chain for increase in throughput of system.

The detailed information on availability of technical components of the project is below.
5.1. Launching of sattelites
Launching of satellites of Ecosystem on GEO with Mr. Elon Musk the Falcon Heavy [8].

The data on conclusion of useful loading to an orbit on figure.

Deducing on GEO the satellite in weight is 10–12 tons in disposable configuration in case use as last step Russian space tug Frigate are possible.
5.2. Space tugs the Frigate
Space tugs the Frigate, NPO (SPA) Lavochkin [9].

Characteristics of several updating of Space tug Frigate is below.
5.3. Power supply system
As power supply system it is offered to use solar cells (SP) FEP AZUR on skeleton NPO Lavochkin the ONPP Technology (the right column of the table).

Characteristics of perspective solar cells (SC) and solar batteries/panels (SB, SP) is below.

Characteristics already working in space SP on the basis of arsenide of gallium GaAs – specific capacity of 293 W/m², specific weight – 1.8 kg/m² or specific weight of 5,1 kg/KW. Let's note that initial capacity of SP makes 381 W/m².
5.4. Thermoregulation system
Thermoregulation system of the satellite at which there is the strongest thermal emission during work of crypto servers.

Calculations shows, that use of design of substrate of the back party SP painted by black paint (degree of blackness 0.9), allows to dump in space superfluous heat 1306 W/m² at temperature of the panel 400ºK or 27ºC. It speaks that underside SP can be an effective radiator for dump of surpluses of heat from work of servers of satellites. At working temperature of underside of panels SP from 20º up to 100ºC all superfluous heat will be dumped in surrounding space. Additional panels of radiators are not required, the system of heat exchange between capsule with server and panels of SP are necessary only.
5.5. Block of lithium accumulators
For maintenance of effective work by server on shadow sites of an orbit or in case of emergencies it is required to establish the block lithium accumulators [10].

It is possible to use the existing block of 22×2LI–85 OS Saturn power consumption 15.6 KWhh, capacity 195 Ahh, weight 116 kg. Term of work is 15 years.
5.6. Plasma engines
For maneuvering the satellite in an orbit at presence of the superfluous electric power, it is convenient to apply well recommending itself plasma engines of orientation and management of space vehicles Gals and Express from OKB Fakel [11].

OKB Fakel lets out wide ruler of such jet engines [11] is below.
6. Description of token, financial model, ICO
Unit of account or token of Ecosystem Easy Access will be Solid. Solid it is classified by authors of the project as coin token – crypto currency.

Token – crypto the currency Solid has ticker (symbol) SLD and trademark symbol below.

Trade mark of Solid Ecosystem Easy Access is the copy of avers of gold coin Solid of Roman Empire – Emperor Constantine the Great, coin out in 327 on Nicomedia [12].
6.1. Description of token Solid
According to the Constitution of Holy Russia, Chapter 1, item 4 from September 21, 2013 [13], Solid as the coin of pure gold in weight of 10 grams, is monetary unit of Holy Russia. Owing to an objective situation, yet it was not possible to start in the reference gold coin of Holy Russia.
Constantine the Great Flavius, according to reconstruction of the history made by Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Kubarev [14], is direct ancestor of kin Russ – Rurikovich. Therefore Rurikovich there is Russian branch of Roman Emperors Flavius.
In conformity with Jus coin regalia of Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev and by the Decree No. 176 from 21.11.2018, the coin token – crypto currency Solid admits as official and lawful payment means Ecosystem Easy Access and will be used in calculations and payments Royalty & Nobility Crypto–Bank (R&NCB). Thus Royalty & Nobility Crypto–Bank is the Central Bank of Holy Russia with all rights and powers following from here.
In the long term solid becomes world reserve crypto currency.
Authors of the project are convinced that Solid of Ecosystem Easy Access becomes crypto analogue of the world fiat currencies. In fact the word Fiat on Latin literally means Decree, Yes there will be so the currency. Other name of modern money Fiduciary fiat from Latin word Fiducia (trust).
All modern currencies are provided with nothing, except for trust of consumers. The system of gold standard of Bretton Wood's system on 1946 has failed in 1971. On its change there has come the Jamaican currency system (Jamaica Accords) to conformity with decisions of the international meeting in Kingston 07–08.01.1976 [17].
One coin token – crypto currency Solid of Ecosystem Easy Access is equivalent to 1 Euros, 1/100 part of Solid is the cent refers is equivalent to 1 Euros cents.

Total forging will be 1 Trillion Solids (10¹² Solids).

The Central Bank of Holy Russia is R&NCB will stabilize exchange rate of Solid within two years. Solid begins to bargain freely at stock exchanges and will receive market estimation concerning others crypto and fiat currencies.
6.2. ICO terms and conditions
ICO of company Solid Space LP will be carried out on platform VOSTOK. Accordingly on platform special account Escrow for company Solid Space LP will be open and Ecosystem VOSTOK becomes the arbitrator in carrying out ICO and the further payments from the collected means for realization of objects in view and problems of project Ecosystem Easy Access.
Sale of coin tokens Solid in frameworks ICO will be carried out on principles Hard Cap and Soft Cap. In this case for investors two limits – soft and rigid from total amount of investments are established. The minimal script of succession of events on parameter Minimum Cap when it is necessary to collect the minimal sum for continuation of the project, with connection developed widget to existing system of satellite Internet Iridium and created network OneWeb global Wi Fi is possible also.

Category: Finance
Total amount of tokens: 9.0 Billion of Solids
Tokens in ICO: 0.4 – 0.8
The initial price: 0.4 Euros
Hard Cap: 3.6 Billion Euro
Soft Cap: 200 Million Euro
Minimum Cap: 30 Million Euro
The protocol of tokens: Waves–NG
The address of contracts Pre ICO: 3P77t5ngFYaNWFguWHGoZ6XDbxBizkbQUmU
Ways of payment: ETH, BTC, EOS, USD, EUR.

The total amount of investments makes 9.0 Billion Solids. As rigid limit the total amount connected to full realization of the project on creation of orbital satellite network Ecosystem Easy Access for 9.0 Billion Solids or 3.6 Billion Euro undertakes. The soft limit establishes the sum of 500 Million Solids or 200 Million Euro. These means are required for development, creation and start of one satellite of Ecosystem Easy Access. The first satellite will be started for service of regions of globe, the maximum quantity of investments whence will act.

Distribution of investment tokens:

Marketing: 3 %
Reserves: 3 %
Payment of the salary: 2 %
Administrative charges: 2 %
DTW and manufacturing of technics: 90 %

The return repayment Solids realized on ICO is supposed in three years. By this time Ecosystem Easy Access should start all services and create working grouping from several satellites in the orbits close to GEO, serving all regions of the Earth. Investors will receive exclusive conditions for an exchange of the investments for share holdings of company Solid Space LP. Details of the exchange / repayment of investments on share holdings will be coordinated in process of realization of the project.
Term of carrying out ICO is established in three weeks. Roughly ICO it is planned for the period from April 15 till May 05, 2019.
In case of impossibility of gathering of all required sum of 3.6 Billion Euro on ICO, work will be continued in direction of carrying out IPO with attraction of usual investors in fiat currencies.
6.3. ICO token sale
Crowdsale Datails and time (CET)

Date: 15th of April (00:00) to 05th of May (23:59) 2019
Price: Starting with 0.40 Euro to 0.80 Euro

15 April (00:00:00) ~ 19 April (23:59:59) 0.40 Euro
20 April (00:00:00) ~ 24 April (23:59:59) 0.50 Euro
25 April (00:00:00) ~ 29 April (23:59:59) 0.65 Euro
30 April (00:00:00) ~ 05 May (23:59:59) 0.80 Euro
6.4. AML / KYC
For the investors, wishing to participate in ICO, preliminary registration is required. The information on participants on ICO will have the closed character. It will be necessary to be registered on website of developer ICO, to submit the application form for participation and to pass verification, having loaded the complete set of documents. Rules of carrying out ICO correspond to norms AML / KYC – against money–laundering and know the client.

Physical persons for acknowledgement of the person should give the passport (internal or foreign), page with the address of registration or the document with acknowledgement of the address of residing. It is the best way to apply photo of the investor with the open passport in hands.

Legal persons need to show copy of documents on the company, to confirm the fresh essential elements and to apply the subscription from the bank account.
7. Founders and Team of project
Founders of project Ecosystem Easy Access are Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev and the expert on information security Grand Prince Alexey Valerievich Kubarev. Valeriy and Alexey in different years were trained in Moscow Aviation Institute named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze.

Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev [18] in 1985 has finished faculty Space vehicles as the engineer mechanic and worked as the younger scientific employee in Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (before name is IAM AS USSR named after Ac. Keldysh). Since 1988 began independent business from group MENTATEP. Then became the founder and the shareholder of several banks is two in Russia and three on Northern Cyprus. Since 2004 has engaged in political and scientific activity. He is author of 7 books, hundreds clauses, member of the Union of writers of Russia. Since 2009 he is the Head of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich, the President of Fund of Princes [19]. It became the Doctor of historical sciences, the doctor of theology, the Professor of history and theology, and is awarded by honorary titles, the Doctor of arts and philosophy, etc. He has Princely titles in Sovereign Royal Houses of San Bartolomeo and Cappadocia (Spain), and also Portugal and Argentina Houses. He is the Supreme Patron and Defender of several knightly and spiritual Orders in Europe and America. In 2013 he has based the state Holy Russia [20].

Alexey Valerievich Kubarev worked in the large IT–companies of Russia.

Valeriy and Alexey Kubarev's became founders and shareholders of two companies registered in Ireland. Ecosystem Easy Access just name of the project and community of people, but is not the legal person.

On the Internet the domain of the project is open:
The information on companies Ecosystem Easy Access:
The name of bank: Royalty & Nobility Crypto–Bank, firm R&NCB LP (Ireland, Reg.No.2572)
The domain:
The name of the company: Solid Space LP (Ireland, Reg.No.2573)
Domains: and

For realization of the project the international command which is aimed at realization of ideas and the purposes of project Ecosystem Easy Access is collected. Many participants and advisers of the project have nobility titles and regalia, and also scientific degrees.

Key elements of the project are block chain and space technologies.

The command of the project the problem sees integration of existing software products, IT–technologies, block chain, space technics, banks decisions and online services for the mobile devices. Results of work will be autonomies and reliability global crypto networks and the independent satellite Internet with observer ground stations of tracking become widget / gadget and the universal appendix accessible to users of smartphones and computer technics, and also working space grouping of satellites of Ecosystem Easy Access for good safety.
7. 1. Team
7.2. Advisors
8. Roadmap
The current status of project Ecosystem Easy Access consists in preparation for carrying out ICO, initial study Alpha Test of mobile appendix the Solid Space, to search of partners on realization of the project and private sale of tokens to investors. The Diagram Roadmap of Ecosystem Easy Access is below submitted.
9. Conclusion
Authors of the project are convinced, that Ecosystem Easy Access as the social project directed on achievement of general prosperity, will take deciding place in business of construction of new digital economic way of terrestrial civilization.

Ecosystem Easy Access means joint efforts and the international division of labor, integration of the advanced achievements of IT–technologies, transparent block chain, application of space technologies, global access to communication facility, bank service and the satellite independent Internet, for improvement of world around and warranting of inalienable laws and freedom of all inhabitants of the Earth.

Participants, users and investors of project Ecosystem Easy Access can really improve personal financial position and will receive in the public order the convenient tool on management of the actives and money resources. For these purposes will be created online the appendix for smartphone and computer, and also the space orbital network of the independent and autonomy Internet with ground observer station of tracking and interface to existing networks is constructed.

Availability of the finance and technologies will be provided with company Solid Space LP Ecosystem Easy Access by means of new credit service for users – widget the Credit Wallet.

We invite people of good will, without dependence from the birthplace and residing, religious and political convictions, to cooperation and cooperation during realization of project Ecosystem Easy Access.

And we are absolutely sure, that we can create the joint best future.
10. Contacts
Website of Ecosystem Easy Access:

Website of Royalty & Nobility Crypto–Bank, company R&NCB LP (Ireland):

Websites of company Solid Space LP (Ireland): and

Webpage of Solid Space LP coin token sale: htpp://


Links to social networks Twitter, Telegram and Facebook:

11. Legal Disclaimer
Please carefully read the information contained in this Whitepaper. If you have any doubts as to what actions you should take, we recommend consulting your financial, legal, tax or other professional advisor(s). This Whitepaper is intended for informational purposes only and does not imply any elements of contractual or legally binding relationship. The primary purpose of the Whitepaper is to present our company's project and to provide important information to potential

holder of SLD tokens to facilitate the decision–making process regarding further association with Solid Space and the SLD tokens offering with the aim of their possible acquisition. Despite the efforts we make to ensure accuracy and relevance of the information provided in this document, this information is not professional advice and cannot be interpreted as providing such advice. We do not guarantee, and do not accept any kind of legal responsibility arising from, or related to the accuracy, reliability, relevance or completeness of any information contained in this document. Potential holders of SLD tokens shall contact independent professional advisers before relying on the information provided therein, to make any deals, enter into obligations or conduct transactions based on the information contained in this Whitepaper, since all information is published for informational purposes only.

SLD token is not security, digital currency, commodity or other financial instrument incorporated within any jurisdiction, including jurisdiction where potential token holders reside. This document is not prospectus or quotation, it does not serve as securities offer or request for investments in the form of securities within any jurisdiction. We do not provide any opinion or advice regarding the acquisition, sale or other transactions with SLD tokens, and the fact that we are providing this Whitepaper shall not be used as the basis or shall not be relied upon in matters related to entering into agreements or making investment decisions.

The Whitepaper does not oblige anyone to enter into any contracts, take legal obligations in regard to the sale or purchase of SLD tokens, nor accept any crypto currency or any other form of payment. You are not entitled and shall not buy SLD tokens if you are citizen or resident (whether for tax or any other purposes) of any country or territory where operations with digital tokens and/or digital currencies are prohibited or somehow restricted by the applicable legislation. A "person" is typically defined as an individual who has residence in the states/territories concerned, or as legal entity organized or incorporated according to the law of these states/territories. Token holders are not allowed to offer tokens for sale or distribute tokens as well as resell, transfer or convey them in any way to the abovementioned persons. The text of this Whitepaper in the English language takes precedence as the main official source of information about Solid Space services and SLD tokens. Translation of the Whitepaper into other languages is provided for informational purposes only.
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